Why Do Planet Fitness Members Leave for Golds Gym Middletown?

Top 10 Reasons

Every month for the past several months, dozens of Planet Fitness members have left their former gym to join our Golds Gym in Middletown NY. A lot of our members wanted to know what all of these new people were doing in their gym. So, not to be outdone by David Letterman, we decided to compile our own top ten list. We handed out a questionnaire to the former Planet Fitness members asking them to list the reasons they decided to join Gold’s Gym. Our (completely unscientific) survey revealed the following top 10 reasons Planet Fitness members decided to move up to Gold’s Gym (we added some of the quotes returned with the questionnaires):

  1. Friendly and Helpful Staff (“The people here at Golds Gym actually greet me by my name – what a concept!”)
  2. Zumba Classes – For FREE! (“I never knew I could have so much fun getting in shape.”)
  3. Professional Personal Trainers  (“Me and my friends got a little tired of doing the same exact bodybuilding type circuit every day. The trainers at Golds gave us a bunch of different  training programs designed to reach our goals – which isn’t bodybuilding!”)
  4. No Crowds – No Waiting for Equipment (“I really don’t have the time to waste waiting for someone to get off what I want to get on.”)
  5. Weight Loss Programs – For FREE! (“I joined a gym to lose weight – and guess what? They had no weight loss program – duh!”)
  6. Daycare – (“I can’t leave my kids at my mom’s house every day.”)
  7. Yoga – also FREE! (“I was paying $15 PER CLASS to take Yoga somewhere else just because PF had no Yoga – I guess I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.”)
  8. Functional Training Area (“I really don’t want to do all of my workouts sitting my butt on some machine designed for bodybuilders!” )
  9. Steam room (“What better way is there to end a hard workout?”)
  10. Gold’s Gym t-shirts (“I’m actually proud to walk around in a Golds Gym shirt. Is there even such as thing as Planet Fitness t-shirt?”)

If you want to see for yourself why so many people prefer Gold’ Gym over Planet Fitness just fill in the VIP Pass below. The VIP Pass includes Zumba, Bodypump, Daycare, Yoga, Spin, Pilates, Complimentary Training Session, and much more!!!