The Next Big Fitness Program Producing Startling Results in Middletown

Fittraxx at Golds Gym Middletown

Fittraxx at Golds Gym Middletown

The next big thing to hit fitness is here in Middletown NY! FIT-traxx is a truly revolutionary approach to how people are getting fit and it has never been easier.

The program’s creators have not only made fitness simple to understand and do, they have come up with a way to make the time fly by. “The simplicity of the program makes it look quite simple, but the science behind the program is what makes it so effective,” says Bob Roche, one of the area’s most successful health club owners. The heart of the program is that people are put into small supervised groups so the intensity can be regulated and form can be monitored easily. Roche says, “When participants do the right things, in the right order, the right way, they get results!”

It is a total fitness approach, so not only are your workouts at the club monitored, you are provided with a complete plan for each day. “I have never seen such consistently dramatic results from a program,” says John Bonica, part of the FIT-traxx program development team. “This is the next big trend in fitness for many reasons. It is simple. Virtually anybody can do the program and it covers all aspects of fitness including strength training, cardiovascular training and nutrition.”

What makes FIT-traxx so unique? First, the program uses very little equipment which means that the exercises fit everybody no matter their size, shape or fitness level. Second, working in small groups provides camaraderie, accountability and fun. Third, all the exercises are “functional”, so not only do they help you lose unwanted pounds and inches, you will do everything better from your job – to gardening and yard work, to skiing and golf. The last thing that makes FIT-traxx so unique is summed up in its tagline: “It’s the Path to Fitness.”

FIT-traxx can fit into anyone’s busy schedule because the program takes only 60 minutes 2 to 3 times per week. Also, you don’t even have to be a member of Gold’s Gym to participate. “This is what I would call solution-based programming as it doesn’t require any long term commitment and it addresses a specific need,” says Roche.

For more information regarding FIT-traxx call Gold’s Gym in Middletown at 845-344-4653 and reserve a spot at our Free FIT-traxx Demo Days coming up soon.