The First Ever Gold’s Gym Hottest Body Awards

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The First Ever Gold’s Gym Hottest Body Awards

Because some of Hollywood's greatest performances happen at the gym, we're honoring the year's most incredible body transformations in television and film. See which celebs made our list — then vote for your favorites online.

Each year celebrities receive golden statuettes for their performances on-screen, but now it's time to reward the hard work that goes on when the cameras aren't rolling.

"It takes about three months of intense training at the gym to prepare for a six-second shot of a celebrity with his shirt off," says Mike Ryan, the trainer responsible for the six-pack smorgasbords on display in Fight Club and The Scorpion King.

But do awards panels take note? Hardly. That's why Gold's Gym and Us Weekly are proud to announce the first annual Gold's Gym Hollywood's Hottest Body Awards. Our goal is to celebrate Hollywood's hottest, most talked about transformations — and the bodies that put them a rep above the rest.

Starting February 25, log on to to check out the nominees and vote for your favorite stars in the following categories:

  • Most Chiseled Arms
  • Sexiest Washboard Abs
  • Best Booty
  • Hottest Legs
  • Hottest Bikini Bod
  • Hottest Couple
  • Fittest Ensemble Cast
  • Biggest Post-Baby Body Comeback
  • Workout Song of the Year
  • Fittest Actor/Actress of the Year
  • Best Overall Body Transformation

"You need to have willpower to mold a superhero body," says Gold's Gym Fitness Institute trainer Ramona Braganza, who whipped cast members of X-Men: The Last Stand and the upcoming remake of The A-Team into shape. "In addition to working with a trainer, actors also have to do fight training, so they end up being quite active for a large part of the day."

To bulk up for a role following a star turn as a cancer victim, one leading man turned to Ryan to help him — with hardcore 12-hour workouts every day for one month. "It was just train, run, eat, sleep," Ryan recalls.

For another film, Ryan helped one A-lister put on 10 pounds of muscle in just three months, through a punishing combination of strength training, wrestling and cardio — which not everyone is cut out for.

"That's too extreme for most people," Ryan admits. "He was just a maniac. When I saw what he did and the guts he put on — he led by example."

An expert panel of judges from the Gold's Gym Fitness Institute and the editors of Us Weekly will announce the three finalists in each category, at which point voting will be open to the public. The winners will be announced on March 3 — just four days before the year's other big red-carpet event.