Golds Gym Strong Stories – Pat

Pat needed help getting into shape so he could donate a kidney to his wife.

You know, we were young. We were in our early 20s and I was like, you know, let’s not worry about this right now. She said her dad died from kidney disease when Karen was only nine years old. She was always afraid I’d leave her. But, I said I am not going to do that. I'm mean, I love my wife more than I love myself.

Late in 2004, we find out that she needed dialysis. I always planned on being the one to donate a kidney to Karen. I had already quit smoking because I knew that Karen was going to need a kidney. I didn't think anything about being a heavy. I was devastated when my first application came back as obese. I was in pretty good shape when I was younger, but when as I got older I got more and more out of shape.

Here is my Golds Gym Strong Story:

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