Seven Great Recovery Tools

Do you ever feel like you just know you are going to be sore the next day after finishing up your workout? If so, consider getting a head start on that misery and think about some tools that you can use to help prevent your muscles from getting sore.

Here are seven of the best tools available to help you alleviate the pain in all of your muscles before it even appears. These will allow you to feel great the next day after a hard workout.

1. Roll Recovery Roller

Massage rollers are great for any part of your body. You can use them on your IT bands, hamstrings, glutes, shins, calves, and even your arms. Massage rollers can help you get deep movement into your muscles that will allow them to relax, preventing them from being sore the next day.

2. Pro Massage Roller

These rollers are thin and target areas of your body that may be hard to reach, such as your Achilles tendon and your forearm. These rollers are also great for traveling because they can be packed up easily. They allow you to use as much or as little pressure as you feel necessary, so you can either gently or firmly get rid of the soreness in your muscles.

3. Massage Ball Set

Using a massage ball set allows you to loosen your muscles with the freedom to move the balls around as needed. If you need a little more pressure in one place than you do another, these balls are great for targeting exactly what you need in order to feel better. They are good for trigger points and places on your body that are difficult to reach. These balls are also very easy to bring along with you while you travel.

4. Vibrating Foam Roller

Professional athletes often use vibrating foam rollers to help relieve their muscles. With various speeds of vibration, you can allow these rollers to do the work for you while you just relax. After using a vibrating foam roller, you will likely not even be able to tell that you had a tough workout at the gym just the day before.

5. Resistance Band

It is really important to make sure that you stretch after every workout so you don't develop sore muscles. Resistance bands make stretching much easier by giving you the resistance that you need without requiring that you reach in uncomfortable positions. Resistance bands come in varying degrees of resistance depending on your range of mobility, so find the right resistance for you and use them after every workout.

6. Heated Foam Roller

Applying heat to your affected muscles will allow them to relax while you are stretching them out. Use a foam roller that can be heated up in the microwave to relieve your sore muscles, or even stick it in the freezer to help reduce inflammation that may occur following an intense workout at the gym.

7. Trigger Point Foam Roller

This may be the right tool for you if you find that you constantly have pain in the same place after working out. The 3-D surface of a trigger point foam roller is great for digging into all of the kinks in your muscles. These rollers are not too hard and not too soft, allowing your blood to flow back into your muscles for a speedy recovery.

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