Reboot Your New Year’s Resolution

Start the New Year right by planning your restart today. Here are five ideas for refreshing your fitness resolutions.

Reboot Your New Years Resolutions

Studies have shown that planning ahead is one of the most effective tools for any fitness or diet goal—whether it’s plotting out a gym schedule or packing a homemade lunch and keeping healthy snacks on hand. Why should an early start on your New Year’s resolutions be any different? So here are five fresh ideas for how to get going on a healthy new year.





Get nerdy

There are tons of new tech toys and smartphone apps out there that can help you get moving by tracking your steps and speed. The Fitbit® is a tiny gadget that clips onto your clothes—not only can it tell you how far you walk each day or how many calories you burn, but it also tracks your sleep patterns at night. The MapMyRun smartphone app uses GPS to track your daily routes and log your workouts. These tech tools make it easy to set goals and see your progress. And make sure you have the Gold’s Gym Spotter app that lets you take progress photos, find out how much exercise you need to do to burn off that cheeseburger, and access your local gym’s class schedule.


Get class-y

If you’re bored with your routine and that’s keeping you from hitting the gym, check out a new class. Right now functional training is a new fitness trend that has a swarm of devotees. Functional training classes, like TRX, use resistance training to help you do everyday activities better. You’ll not only get to hang from ropes but also possibly find a new group of gym buddies that can help you with your pledge to get in shape.

Get in a group

Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to find or form a support group to cheer you on. Check out for a huge online forum that can help you drop the pounds. The site lets you meet weight-loss comrades, calculates how many calories you can eat per day to hit your goal weight, helps you keep a food diary, and lets you log cardio routines and calories burned (there’s also an easy-to-use app for when you’re on the go). Create a Google Doc and share with friends near or far who are also resolved to have a healthy new year. Use that as a place to write updates, celebrate a few pounds lost or discuss your struggles with willpower.


Get measured

Do you know your real hip size? Your neck size? Your BMI? No? Getting your actual body measurements can be one way to kick up your competitive spirit because you can make a clear goal to improve them. And you don’t have to do it alone—most Gold’s Gym trainers can give you a free body assessment that will provide you with all of this information. And on that note…


Get a trainer

Christmas is coming, and one gift that always keeps on giving is a few personal trainer sessions. The most important thing, though, is to find the right trainer for you. Ask your gym buddies for recommendations, use Yelp or Facebook to see which trainers have a good following in your area, or schedule a few face-to-face meetings with the trainers at your local Gold’s Gym. Ask how they design a fitness program for their clients, what your first session would be like, and what methods they use to help clients hit their goals. The best trainers will be able to clearly explain what their process is and how they will create a plan for you.

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