Golds Gym Strong Stories – Harry

Everybody has a story. Each of us has the experience. I've always made time to get out and try to help people to give something back to society. I try to help young people as much as I can. As life goes on, we all captured into a system. Then we don’t do enough of good things, we don’t travel enough, we don't play enough and different people get old at different times. I'm lucky I'm just absolutely lucky, because as long as I'm alive I don’t want to stop.

At 96 you have different pains in different places, all kinds of pains. My biggest problem was with my legs. My trainer created an exercise program for my legs and my arms, so the pain went away.

I have peace, and I want to be here as long as I can. But whenever I'm called I’ll be ready. There's not much more to tell. Hopefully you'll live a long life. Listen to my story:

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