Golds Gym Strong Stories – Erin

When the economy got her down, she picked herself back up.

I’ve had a really hard life, you know. I started young and at 33 years old and I've been through enough. I was doing really well at work. My commission checks were more than my actual paycheck. We saved a lot of money. And that's how we bought the house. We lived there for four and a half years. Then when I got pregnant with the baby the economy happened, and then my job downsized. It's like everything happened at once. We had it and lost it and I asked why, why is this happening? It's hard, really hard. When did I sign up for this?

But okay, I love my life. Going to the gym makes me happy. The gym is like my stress reliever self-medication. It releases frustration and anger. The more I went the more I saw that my mood would be better. I just felt better in the gym. I just want to feel happy and the gym has become a part of our life now. It’s not just like going to the gym sometimes – it's part of our life. You make that choice to just want to be better.

My name is Erin Judy and I’m stronger than my past. Here’s my story:

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