Leading Authority on Health and Fitness Hosts Free Workouts, Fitness Tips to Help Public Burn Off Thanksgiving Day Meal

Consumers across the country will soon gather around the table to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving meal – all 3,000 calories of it, according to national nutrition experts. To allow consumers to indulge a little this holiday without feeling guilty, Gold's Gym Middletown once again is turning Black Friday into “Trim the Fat Friday,” an annual effort to help consumers battle the holiday bulge.

On Friday, November 23rd, residents of Middletown and surrounding areas are invited to work out at Gold’s Gym Middletown free-of-charge, in a larger effort to help Americans nationwide carve out those extra calories from the day before. Gold's Gym Middletown trainers will also be on-hand to offer tips and advice on how to steer clear of packing on additional pounds during the holiday season.

"Our annual Trim The Fat Friday campaign has become something of a holiday itself, with local residents looking forward to this post-Thanksgiving trim-down” said Bob Roche, from Gold’s Gym Middletown. "Our message for the Middletown community is simple: enjoy your Thanksgiving Day meal and the next day, focus on burning off those calories – rather than a hole in your wallet.”

Some food for thought – the average Thanksgiving feast contains 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. Even before getting a workout in on Trim the Fat Friday, here are some tips to help burn the bird (in terms of calories, not in the oven) and other Thanksgiving favorites while at the dinner table:

  • Choose your turkey slice wisely. The next time somebody asks “white meat” or “dark meat,” know how to make the wise choice. White meat has 24 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving and half as much fat as dark meat. Remove the skin from the turkey to remove additional calories from your meal.
  • Think outside of the bird. Did you know that you could cut your caloric intake by half by simply cooking stuffing outside of the turkey rather than inside? The average 1-cup serving of stuffing has 356 calories – the equivalent of a fast-food cheeseburger.
  • Skimming off the top is a good thing. By simply putting your gravy through a skimmer you can cut those gravy calories by 80%.
  • Healthier alternatives can be just as tasty. Unless you are hopelessly devoted to those candied yams, try a delicious alternative such as baked sweet potatoes or yams. They are just as sweet and even denser in nutrients.
  • Keep your eye on the pie. It’s not necessary to eliminate the pie, just be wise about your choice.  Always choose the pumpkin pie over the pecan pie for lower calories.
  • Forgo the whip and keep those slim hips. Use fat-free non-dairy whipped topping on your pie instead of whipped cream and save 52 calories per tablespoon. For someone that likes a nice healthy spoonful of whipped cream, you may be saving yourself up to 150 calories or more.
  • Consumers are welcome to show up at any participating Gold’s Gym in Middletown on Friday, November 23rd to take advantage of their free "Trim the Fat Friday" workout. (Limit one workout per customer, must be local resident with identification.)

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