Burn Baby, Burn

As much as fitness trainers stand by the 'No Pain, No Gain' motto, truth be told there are ways to burn calories without even trying. Yes, 'No Pain, No Sweat' ways to reach your calorie-burning goals. Got your attention? Good. Read on.Drink More Water
It may sound cliché but studies show that drinking water enhances your weight loss efforts. The more you drink, the less likely your body stores fat too. While you're at it, drink cold water instead. A glass of cold water burns over 9 calories more than drinking room temperature water.

Boost with Spices
To some extent, spicy foods boost your metabolism. Foods such as cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, jalapenos, and chilli peppers, are found to generate body heat and temporarily raise your metabolism, which help burn more calories; especially immediately after a meal. The rise in metabolic rate also suppresses appetite. On top of that, spicy foods make you drink more water, which we know now enhances our weight loss efforts.

Vitamin D Up
Supplementing on Vitamin D may help you lose weight faster as it helps burn calories and fat. Research suggests that getting enough amounts of it can result in burning up to 10% more calories per day. Make sure you don't exceed the recommended daily intake, which is 200IU (or 2,000mg).

Snooze Some More
If you aren't already, getting seven to nine hours sleep is critical not just to help your body recover but to maintain a healthy metabolism. Sleeping less than four hours over an extended period of time can slow down and kill your metabolism.

You may not have the inclination to fidget naturally but tapping your feet, pacing and moving around in your seat have their positive effects. Fidgeting can burn up to 350 calories more in a day! 'Ants in your pants' don't sound so bad after all.

Eat Light, Often
Our body uses energy to digest meals. Eating less and frequently throughout the day forces the body to use up even more energy (hence calories) to digest. This isn't a free pass to eating more though. The key is to break up what you normally have in one sitting in two or three sittings instead.

Cuppa Anyone?
Caffeine can boost your metabolism and increase your fat burning rate, but in the short term only. It is known to mobilise fat from the fat tissues by stimulating the nervous system which sends direct signals to tell the body to break down fat. It also increases our adrenaline levels and reduces appetite. The major caveat though is the fact that our body becomes tolerant to the effects of caffeine over an extended period. So as far as fat loss is concerned, alternating coffee-drinking on a 2-weeks-on 2-weeks-off pattern is a good way to start.

Work that Green Thumb
Gardening is one of the most emotionally and physically rewarding activities you can do to burn more calories. Mowing and raking the lawn, weeding, planting and gardening in general will burn you at least an extra 100 calories a day. At the end of it all, you'll have a beautiful garden to enjoy a cup of calorie-burning spicy coffee in.

Although you can't completely replace going to the gym or being active, adding these other ways to burn extra calories into your daily routine can only help with your weight loss program.

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