Gold’s Gym Middletown Tackles Cooler Cramps, Flipping Fatigue and the Other Most Common Injuries Football Fans Might Experience Pregaming for the Pregame

Football season is almost here but before you break out that cooler (and potentially break your back), Gold’s Gym Middletown is launching an initiative to help raise awareness for the four most common tailgating injuries that football fans experience while preparing for the pregame.

Whether it’s throwing your back out carrying a cooler or pulling a hamstring sprinting to the gate, it’s easy to injure yourself while kicking back before the kick-off to a big game. That’s why Gold’s Gym Middletown and Celebrity Trainer Mike Ryan teamed up to create Tailgate Training Camp, an injury-proof campaign that provides consumers with exercises and tips on how to make these weekend warrior wounds a thing of the past.

“Just like your favorite players are often injured during the season, football fans frequently have similar experiences, injuring themselves by carrying heavy coolers or climbing up stadium stairs after months of inactivity,” said Ryan. “Our ‘Tailgate Training Camp’ gives fans the chance to pregame for the pregame, and make sure that they maximize their football game day experience, all before stepping foot into the stadium!”

If you find yourself having suffered from any of the following pregame mishaps in the past, we recommend stopping by Gold’s Gym Middletown to train for the tailgate before the first official game of the season with these injury-inspired exercises:

1. INJURY: Cooler Cramps


To avoid breaking your back this season carrying that heavy cooler filled with your favorite beers and brews, pump up your pipes with standing arm and preacher curls. To get started, we recommend 3-4 sets of each with 10-12 reps – using a weight that challenges you to muscle failure. As an added bonus, you’ll also look even better sporting your favorite team’s jersey.

2. INJURY: Flipping Fatigue


To avoid the dreaded “flipping fatigue” while manning the tailgate grill, flex those forearms weekly with some barbell wrist curls. To be safe, aim to do 4 sets of 15 reps, twice a week – and always remember, practice makes perfect when preparing for a grueling grilling session.

3. INJURY: Second String Hamstring

PREGAME EXERCISE: Stadium Stair Lunges

Chances are, those seats you thought were “top notch” are more likely than not in the nosebleed section – leaving your knees in desperate need of a “Hail Mary.” To combat this impending pain, start adding weighted walking lunges into your routine twice a week, shooting for 3 sets of 15 lunges (per side). Not only will this bulk up those quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes (therefore taking stress off your knees the next time you tackle those Kilimanjaro-like stairs), but it will also give you limbs to make any linebacker proud.

4. INJURY: Stadium Sprint Splints

PREGAME EXERCISE: Race to the Gate Sprints

Whether you’re racing to the gate to avoid missing the kick-off, or trying to avoid the shame after your team’s crushing defeat, going full speed after months of inactivity is hard on the hamstrings. To ensure you’re not “sidelined” following your race to the gates, set aside 30 minutes a day for high intensity interval training – alternating between 2 minute walks and 1 minute sprints either on the treadmill or outdoors.

This workout is a fun example of how exercise can improve your everyday activities.  Any one of our personal trainers would be more than happy to put together a personalized workout that will help ensure you are injury free; whether it’s preparing for tailgate season or training for a marathon.

Fans are welcome to share their most nagging tailgate ailments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #TailgateTrainingCamp. Gold’s Gym will share out some of the “best” worst tailgate maladies (along with some advice on how to prevent them!). For additional information, consumers are encouraged to check out or